Love Our City

March 6th, 2021

We believe God has called us at St. Luke's to embrace our neighbors with unexpected love.  So, please look below at all the different volunteer opportunities for March 6th, and if you find one you'd like to be a part of, click HERE.

Produce on Wheels
POW-WOW is a produce rescue organization that distributes fresh produce throughout the Southwest weekly.  Supporters can purchase 70 pounds of fresh produce for $12.  40 volunteers are needed from 6am-11am in our parking lot.

Little Library Project
The City of Mesa sponsors little libraries, which are “Take a book, return a book” free book exchange boxes placed in residential neighborhoods around the city.  8 volunteers are needed from 9am–11am to deliver books to different Mesa neighborhoods - pickup the books at 200 S. Center St. in the bays behind Building #3.

Save the Family
This organization offers housing, case management and supportive services, equipping families to address poverty, overcome homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency.  12 volunteers are needed at 10am to paint soffits (outdoors) – 661 N. Cherry Street.  This project has been earmarked for the youth and their families.

Oakwood Creative Care
Right in downtown Mesa, OCC is a daytime club giving purpose, meaning and a place to belong for those suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s and other age-related physical or psychological impairments.  They provide a fun, active and creative environment giving members a feeling of empowerment in their daily regime, while also providing long term caregivers a safe place for their loved ones during working hours.  10 volunteers are needed from 9am-3pm to paint and clean windows and floors at their facility - 247 N. Macdonald.

Operation Big Serve
OBS is a Christ-centered organization that serves the homeless, veterans and seniors through their mentoring, job training, recovery program, food boxes, hygiene kits and Blessings Boutique.  6 volunteers are needed from 11am-2pm at church (socially distanced) to sort and stuff socks with hygiene items for the homeless. - 807 N Stapley Dr.
+Volunteers are needed to bring in donated items anytime before March 7th.  See below for a list of needed items.

Family Promise
Operating right on our campus, Family Promise provides emergency shelter and social services to help families move toward independent housing and self-sufficiency.  
+Volunteers are needed to bring in donated items anytime before March 7th.  See below for a list of needed items.

Donation Lists

Operation Big Serve (Single-Size Items)

+ Chicken/tuna packs

+ Juice boxes


+Granola Bars

+Vienna Sausages

+Peanut Butter/Cracker snack kits


+Water bottles

+Adult Socks

Family Promise

+ Craft activities/items for children of   all ages

+ Ethnic hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, styling gels and moisturizers

+ Basic eye make-up and lip gloss

+ Children’s underwear sizes 5 to 14

+Similac or any off brand of “sensitive” formula

+Baby Bottles

+Sippy Cups

Operation Big Serve (Travel-Size Items)




+Shaving cream




+Hand sanitizer

+Laundry soap

Operation Big Serve (Travel-Size Items)



+Toilet paper

+Feminine hygiene products

+Pocket-size tissue



+Band aids


Once again, if you want to sign up to volunteer for one of the service projects, click HERE.